A Day Out In Canberra

If you’re looking to learn more about Australia’s history and culture, Canberra is a great place to visit. Its many museums offer a window into the nation’s past, from the prehistoric all the way to more modern times. The diversity of subjects and topics also means that no matter what your passion or interest may be, you’ll find something to capture your attention in Australia’s capital city. As far as museums are concerned, here are some of the places you can visit.

The Australian War Memorial

This complex offers a comprehensive and somber look into the participation of Australia’s military and other organizations, in history’s wars and battles. The Memorial Courtyard contains plaques and walls that list the names of Australian personnel who lost their lives in war. The Memorial Building has galleries and exhibits that recall the two World Wars, the wars in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea, the Cold War, colonial conflicts, and more. There’s also a hall where various military aircraft are displayed, and another that contains relatively large military pieces (ship guns, a submarine, a tank, and the like). If you find objects and imagery from the world’s major conflicts interesting, you’ll be fascinated by what this place has to offer.

The Australian National Botanic Gardens

For something that’s more like a living museum, consider visiting the Australian National Botanic Gardens. This is a huge collection, which gathers in one place the extreme diversity of trees and plants that can be found throughout the country. You’ll find more than 5,000 plant types here. Whether you’re interested in the kind of plant life found in forests, or plants that grow in desert regions, there’ll be something for you at the Gardens. For even more information, you could choose to set an appointment to visit this place’s library, which offers an extensive array of plant-related journals, maps, books, and other resources. If you love growing things, and if you’d like a peek into the wide range of plant life that has managed to survive in Australia’s varied regions, this is the place to visit.

The National Dinosaur Museum

Now, if you or your kids are fond of dinosaurs, there’s no better place to be than the National Dinosaur Museum. You’ll have a blast here. It contains the country’s largest collection of fossils and bones from prehistoric times. Visitors can learn more about how dinosaurs lived, moved, ate, died and evolved. Murals and other imagery help to bring those bones and fossils to life. In fact, the museum has around a dozen animatronic dinosaurs, so that kids and adults can better imagine and appreciate the scale and grandeur of these animals. For people who are into these magnificent beasts, or who would like to see what the Earth was like eons ago, this museum is an excellent destination.

These are just some of the many museums Canberra has to offer its visitors and guests. There are many others. What’s certain is that if you love learning more about Australia’s past, the natural world, prehistoric periods, or one of many other subjects and topics, this city’s museums will fill your mind and expand your horizons.