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Solo Travellers – Great Places To Include In Your List Of Travel Destinations Europe

Thinking about travelling to Europe? There are a lot of great places to see in Europe that you will surely enjoy. If you are looking for trips you’ll never forget, here are some places you can visit:

London, UK

solo travellers

London can be a large city for solo travellers or even for families but you are sure not get bored here as there are a lot of great places to see. Walking about London, you will find how diverse the city is. There is Hampstead, Shoreditch, Brixton and Soho. It is easy to explore the British capital because of the excellent public transport system so you won’t get overwhelmed travelling.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is not a big city which makes it perfect to walk around even if you are on your own. You can feel you are travelling to an old place while seeing hundreds of expats living comfortably in the city. Since there are a lot of corporations having their own European HQs there probably for some tax reasons, do not be surprised to find a large international community living in a small city.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is named as the most peaceful country in Europe that is according to Global Peace Index so travelling with family and especially travelling on your own won’t be a problem. Reykjavik may be a bit pricey and it may be challenging to travel in the city without a car but there are ways to solve this. Join the free city walking tours and eat at Baejarins Beztu Pysur hot dog stand to save money. Tour around Iceland and not just in Reykjavik to enjoy the nature around and the Icelanders too since they are known for being sociable and friendly which making new friends easier.